Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Braw steak dinner (365 challenge)

Had my lovely dinner cooked for me tonight....  Delicious

Monday, 2 January 2017

365 challenge

I think it's time I made some time to even take 1 photo per day.  Doesn't matter what but it's at least 1 a day to look back on and reflect at the end of the year.   After all the sadness of losing dad,  I think it's time I do what I love to do,  photography and a bit more crafting.....

Here goes,  although I essentially missed 1st January,  I am submitting 2 photos.  1 of the new moon and a star that can initially be seen from my kitchen and a silhouette of trees against the dust sky -  again can be seen from my kitchen.


I had in fact,  created a post back in June or July this year via my Samsung S7 Android phone (got rid of the iPhone at last) but something hadn't worked between the communication between the phone and blogger for some reason.

Anyways,  lots have happened since then,  around the end of June when I changed my NHS job from departmental secretary  to PA and TEAM Lead Secretary in another specialty.  Just around that time my dad took ill and resulted in many hospitalisations and eventually passed away in October to cancer after having been given 6-12 month when in actual fact we barely had a month following diagnosis.   Coming to terms with our loss,  dealing with life in general has been difficult to say the least. My birthday,  then Christmas and now New Year are the difficult  firsts without him.  Gone but not forgotten,  Dad.