Thursday, 20 August 2009

Back to School

In our district, the kids returned to school yesterday. I think the kids were definitely ready for school with having the long school holidays [though appreciate the teachers won't agree LOL!!]. Marianne's now in 6th year, that's my son, now moved up to the big school, and Ali is now in P6. Where has the time gone?

Singstar vs Guitar Hero

Suzanne and Kerryanne:

Margaret and Karen:

Lauren, Margaret in middle [only just] and Sean:

Kerryanne and Christine:

Jude and Alan:

Fee V:

Cara Playing GH and Darren:

Ali playing Guitar Hero:

I had decided at the very last minute to have a get-together with friends and family before the kids went back to school. A wee social evening really. A few friends/rellies hadn't really been able to make it mostly due to it being such short notice - they were most definitely missed. It was a really good night anyway - with the entertainment being Singstar or Guitar Hero - what a hoot!! I seem to sing okay without the mikes - you know the sort of singing - the kind you do when preparing the dinner etc LOL!!! The minute I am on Singstar - skinned cat and screeches can only define my singing LOL - I was brave and so were the audience!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Some 3x3 Notelets made

Just a few wee 3x3 notelet cards I've been making over last night and today at a leisurely pace ;o) More details here.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Yep it really is after 1 am where I am at the moment!! This evening I had intended to do something crafty seeing as I have the table set up - I just did NOT get round to it! Why?! I thought I'd look through my folders in my 'favourites' on AOL - quite jumbled up I think. The short of it is, I've sifted through what I've wanted to keep, came across some broken links for some of the websites and some websites no longer exist LOL!!! That's how long ago I've probably actually used those websites. I've tweaked this blog a bit and sorted out a photography list, a downloads list for templates and ideas, quotes and verses list etc. I even came across blogs recently added to my favourites and now transferred them on to my follow list or blog list in the margin. It's been time consuming I hadn't even realised the time!! Discovering lots of bookmarked sites I want to keep, discovering lots of sites no longer in use, discovering internet housekeeping can be time consuming.
Anyways, another discovery I've made today along with the help of my eldest daughter and 1 of her best friends. Marianne had apparently asked me on a few occasions in the past whether I knew her chum's dad. She tried to describe him and I hadn't 'clicked' and said I didn't know of anyone to that description. Sunday night Marianne's friend stayed over. On Monday we got talking later on in the day and again Marianne said I should know her friend's dad as he worked in the Blood Transfusion Service. I had replied that it would depend when he worked there as I had left that employment a good few years ago! It wasn't until her friend said he was still working there and said his name. I about fell off my seat with shock and laughter LOL!!! YES!! I do indeed know her dad - in fact I had worked with him when I was a lab assistant and socialised on Christmas pub lunches etc!!! I even know her granny and grandad too!! I am already friends with said friend's mum whom I met through another friend and had even been to Stobo Castle with her!! Jeezo - a very small world indeed!!!
We humans are apparently separated by a distance of 8 people - at least that's what I recall - I would never have believed it in a month of Sundays LOL!!!