Thursday, 20 August 2009

Singstar vs Guitar Hero

Suzanne and Kerryanne:

Margaret and Karen:

Lauren, Margaret in middle [only just] and Sean:

Kerryanne and Christine:

Jude and Alan:

Fee V:

Cara Playing GH and Darren:

Ali playing Guitar Hero:

I had decided at the very last minute to have a get-together with friends and family before the kids went back to school. A wee social evening really. A few friends/rellies hadn't really been able to make it mostly due to it being such short notice - they were most definitely missed. It was a really good night anyway - with the entertainment being Singstar or Guitar Hero - what a hoot!! I seem to sing okay without the mikes - you know the sort of singing - the kind you do when preparing the dinner etc LOL!!! The minute I am on Singstar - skinned cat and screeches can only define my singing LOL - I was brave and so were the audience!!

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