Friday, 29 February 2008

Easter card sample

I really need to be planning what I am going to do with the P7 kids at the beginning of the week in time for my Friday morning session with them as I always seem to run out of time to prepare them. I kept putting it off yesterday and eventually got round to planning this card at around half 10 last night! Cutting out the letters and multiple sheep die cuts were far more time consuming than I had realised as it took me to around 1 am before I realised the time! At that point I still hadn't cut up the base coloured card and creased the folds and left that until this morning. It wasn't until I actually had the session that I was told I was taking more kids than usual [normal maximum amount to hold is 6] but there was something else happening at school that I ended up having 10 kids! I had only prepared 6 cards + the sample card that I have for display purposes. So some of the kids didnt have all the die cuts available to them so I suggested that I look after their cards and they could attend next week and finish them once I cut out more letters and sheep die cuts. Thankfully the kids were happy with that suggestion.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Long time no see sisters!

Today I met up with my 2 sisters - for the first time in years!

I hadn't seen Denise (the blonde one) since she ran away from home at the age of 16. Thankfully she now has her family and is living happily. Joyce is my eldest sister whose birthday is shared with Alwynne's and it was her 40th that day! We couldn't quite remember the last time we saw each other but it went as far back as Alwynne's 2nd Christmas. There actually 4 of us - we also have a younger sister - another of whom for various reasons, her and I have sadly lost touch.
I made sure I had my camera ready and spare batteries 'just in case' so that I could record the event. It was an enjoyable morning/afternoon and we promised to arrange to meet up every so often so we don't lose touch.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Yeah I got a "fix" today! [crafting that is!]

Yesterday, Alwynne had been sent home from school complaining of a sore tummy. So this morning the poor wee mite was again complaining of a sore tummy as did her brother! I would see the point if I had been trying some fancy new recipes on them but I haven’t – honestly! It’s something that is doing the rounds at school for the last couple of months unfortunately.

So, having the kids at home scuppered my plans for the day of what was meant for me to be out in town sourcing items for a commission I have to prepare by the end of the week. It turns out I did manage to get a very small crafting 'fix' today, nevertheless it was still a fix. At the weekend I managed to purchase a few travel and regular sized 'Dove' products and a handbag size bottle of lovely Ted Baker 'W' perfume along with other self pampering items to add to a gift basket I have been planning to prepare. I arranged them in the basket along with tissue paper to ‘prop’ up some of the smaller items. As a finishing touch, I made a little ribbon flower to insert inside the basket in amongst the pamper products and then wrapped them up with the cellophane and another hand made ribbon bow – I am quite chuffed with the finished item.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

..........and after!

Before and ..........

Beautiful blue skies and temperature very cool!

We took off to the beach again today to stretch our legs and enjoy some fresh air not realising just how cool it was even though we were all well wrapped up. Alwynne as usual, took some bribing, but she agreed to come along only if she could collect sea shells (again!). So her and I trailed way behind the 2 Stewarts and the dog. Alwynne on the look out for shells and me enjoying the views. We could see across the Forth that the weather was not too great there but continued our walk anyways. It wasn't until we got so far along on our route back, that we got caught in the sudden change of weather. We were absolutely soaked through. You can see that from the other images - even a rainbow appeared. I just started laughing at what must've been a funny site cos we were all drookit!

Out and about

I've been fairly busy this week doing a lot but not being able to remember what LOL! Thursdays are a particularly busy day - me helping out at school in the morning then once I got home I had to prepare for a meeting scheduled that evening. Then it was a rush once I picked the kids up from school as homework and dinner has to be completed before wee Stewart goes to basketball for 5 'til 6 pm then football training for 6 'til 7.30 pm which overlapped my time for the meeting at 7 pm. Early Friday morning was spent completing a couple of tasks following from the meeting the previous night and then off to meet a friend for coffee before my volunteer session at school. Normally on a Friday, the kids and I go swimming after lunch as it is half day at school on Fridays where we are. However, the weather was unpredictable as it was very blustery what with the rain and wind combined so we had a lovely afternoon at home in the warmth. Saturday morning was a little better even though it was very windy to the point our breaths were taken away on our walk up to the swimming pool but at least it wasn't raining. That took us into the afternoon as I treat the kids to their lunch at the sports centre and then I was off up to Edinburgh on an errand with Marianne! Time just whittled away but we managed to make time and stop to visit a relative who had been poorly - it's always a joy to visit this particular relative as we always manage to have a good 'crack and a laugh'.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Crisp, frosty day!

It's been a kind of "funny day" weather wise as there has been a freezing fog rising and falling simultaneously throughout today. The frost left a carpet of 'whiteness' over the field and pathways which inspired me to take a couple of shots! We have the crispness of the frost like today and it seems strange or even unlikely the daffodils and other bulbous spring plants are starting to poke through the winter's hard ground but that is nature at its best.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

High School Musical Birthday - follow-up

Alwynne was rather excited asking "when will the girls be here?" As our guests arrived [including granny and me!] they were issued with the HSM VIP Pass which I had designed and printed off to display in the genuine HSM lanyards. The girls really felt 'like a VIP' walking around displaying their passes at "10 pin". Whilst checking my reservation at 10 Pin reception, even the assistant kept looking at my VIP pass! A good time was had by all and thankfully, by the time we arrived at Frankie and Benny's it was a little busy so we had to wait a wee while. I say ‘thankfully’ as the wait had made the kids a bit hungrier than usual that they all ate their meal. Lauren kept counting down to 8 pm for when the HSM singstar was scheduled for. Once we all arrived home, the kids got their pj’s on and HSM singstar commenced. It was brilliant just to watch them sing without any inhibitions at all and later on, the HSM album CD was played whilst they all leapt around the room. It must have been around midnight or so when the girls’ bedroom lights went out! The morning arrived too quickly as I had only got to my bed around 2.30 am, faffing around with the PC and downloading photos taken of the events for the guests to take home as a memento and then I had to finish off the ‘thank you’ notes which I attached to large bars of chocolate, also for the girls to take home. Once the girls got dressed etc, they all came through to the kitchen donning their VIP passes again! Overall, I am sure the girls all had a ball!

In the run up to the sleepover, I pondered whether to us an HSM looty bag or plain party box [similar to kids takeaway meal boxes] when eventually I came up with the idea of using the disposable plastic pint tumblers from Asda and filled them up with: genuine HSM slipper socks; HSM tattoos; HSM confetti; HSM stickers; a personalised HSM wrapped pack of fruitellas; HSM dogtag necklace; pen, HSM pin badges; crème egg and a small altered notepad [not shown in photo] decorated with the same patterned paper as the invitation and ‘thank you’ chocolate bar; mini stamps and finally a helium filled HSM foil balloon which I attached to the cup. I the wrapped the filled cups up with the dotty cellophane and secured with curling ribbon.

Hopefully the remainder of today will be restful compared the last couple of weeks of planning and designing for the sleepover. Probably we will not be going very far today as no doubt we will have visitors popping by for the birthday girl!

Friday, 15 February 2008

High School Musical

No, don't worry I am not an avid fan LOL!!

It's my daughter Alwynne's 8th birthday [time has really flown!] on Sunday and she wanted an HSM themed sleepover so that is what she is getting! Originally it was the HSM concert she wanted to go to but unfortunately it has all sold out so this will be the next best thing!

So, instead, we are off to '10 Pin' - yeah I know, it's not on HSM related but does it really matter? Then Frankie & Benny's for dinner. We are delighted that Granny & Grandad 'F' and a few of her school chums are coming along too! Once we get home, the disco lights will be switched on and so will the PS2 HSM singstar and away they go! We've still got a couple of things to buy at the shops tonight including helium for the HSM foil balloons. Thankfully, I've already got the HSM birthday cake, napkins, plates, and cups!

I've managed to buy HSM id lanyards and will display their photo, name etc so they will look 'official'. I've also managed to buy tattoos, confetti, pens and even a backdrop for taking their photos - yep all genuine HSM characters! The only thing I couldn't get were HSM invites - I wanted to do them myself so here is a copy!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Before the day ends - Here's a valentine for you!

I've designed this digital Valentine card for anyone who reads this! :o)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A View from our E. Lothian Beaches!

I've been raking through the mounds of photos that are on the portable HD and came across this image from last year of the Forth Rail Bridge and you can just about see the Forth Road Bridge too! This image was taken from 1 of our local beaches [we are very lucky here in E. Lothian!], Longniddry Bents. On a clear day you can just see the bridges. However, I wouldn't have been able to capture those images without my new telephoto lens for the camera so I was chuffed to bits to get this image. It may seem a little 'pastey' due to the sunbeams breaking through the overcast skies.


No, I didn't get these cards from Freecycle LOL! It was me who was giving them away complimentary to a fellow freecycler when they picked up items that I had freecycled. She was delighted with them and it is always nice to receive a surprise however small isn't it?
Frecycle is a great thing to do! It is totally free and is another way of recycling items that would otherwise end up on landfill sites. But I have to laugh at some people's requests for laptops, computers with Windows XP OS and internet enabled! Suppose if you don't ask you don't get.

40th Birthday "Survival Kit"

This is what I did for Fiona Veerman or affectionately known as 'Fee Vee' for her 40th birthday bash [yeah, I know, difficult to believe Fee is that age eh?]. There's all sorts in there inlcuding rubber bands, paper clips, headache tablets, chocolate, lollipops, pasta and alcoholic shots etc!

I was especially chuffed with my florist's bow! It was one thing that I had wanted to learn how to do and looked on the 'net for a lesson. Anyways, I did follow the instructions and had an okay result but nothing compared to this solo attempt! Previously, it was at crafting sessions at the primary school, on behalf of Suz, I was introduced to Kirsteen [yeah you both know who you are babes! :o) ] who is a florist herself. Weeelllll, I received first hand tuition which I thoroughly enjoyed and this was my first solo attempt!

Baby Elsie

Way back in September 2007, we were delighted to hear our friend's daughter had given birth to a wee girl. The new parents are young [well half my current age!!] so when they announced that they had called their wee babe Elsie, we were somewhat surprised to say the least as it is quite an old fashioned name. I have to say when I initially heard the name Elsie, I immediately thought of [in a nice way] Elsie Inglis, a historical nurse. My mind started to work overtime with what we could give them gift-wise so this baby kit is what I came up with. It consisted of: scratch mitts; popper vests; sudocream; calpol sachets; ramer sponge; baby shampoo; baby soap; baby bath; moisturiser etc. I also made up a little mini scrapbook album from Sizzix so that they could insert some photos to show off to people.

Primary 7 lesson sample

I volunteer as a parent helper at a primary school. I usually design/plan what I'll get the kids to do and this is a 'Mother's Day' card design for the last time attended for their 'golden time' session on a Friday morning.

I try and get the kids to try new things as they probably won't have opportunities to do something similar either at home or at school. That lesson, I showed them how to ink edges.

All wrapped up

This is just a self-coloured block base bag from Ikea bought at Crimbo time. Inserted the card along with a gift inside the bag, folded over the open end and punched [office punch] the top. Added some curling ribbon, tag and a hand cut embellishment.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Ferrero Rochet - Yum!

Just as a little 'minder' for my colleague's birthday and it just so happened to be my daughter's chum's birthday too, I thought I'd make something a little unusal! Similar to a 'matchbook' idea [you know, the complimentary book of matches you get at hotels .....], I secured some of those delicious chocolates in a gripseal baggie and attached it to the matchbook cover.