Friday, 15 February 2008

High School Musical

No, don't worry I am not an avid fan LOL!!

It's my daughter Alwynne's 8th birthday [time has really flown!] on Sunday and she wanted an HSM themed sleepover so that is what she is getting! Originally it was the HSM concert she wanted to go to but unfortunately it has all sold out so this will be the next best thing!

So, instead, we are off to '10 Pin' - yeah I know, it's not on HSM related but does it really matter? Then Frankie & Benny's for dinner. We are delighted that Granny & Grandad 'F' and a few of her school chums are coming along too! Once we get home, the disco lights will be switched on and so will the PS2 HSM singstar and away they go! We've still got a couple of things to buy at the shops tonight including helium for the HSM foil balloons. Thankfully, I've already got the HSM birthday cake, napkins, plates, and cups!

I've managed to buy HSM id lanyards and will display their photo, name etc so they will look 'official'. I've also managed to buy tattoos, confetti, pens and even a backdrop for taking their photos - yep all genuine HSM characters! The only thing I couldn't get were HSM invites - I wanted to do them myself so here is a copy!

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