Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Baby Elsie

Way back in September 2007, we were delighted to hear our friend's daughter had given birth to a wee girl. The new parents are young [well half my current age!!] so when they announced that they had called their wee babe Elsie, we were somewhat surprised to say the least as it is quite an old fashioned name. I have to say when I initially heard the name Elsie, I immediately thought of [in a nice way] Elsie Inglis, a historical nurse. My mind started to work overtime with what we could give them gift-wise so this baby kit is what I came up with. It consisted of: scratch mitts; popper vests; sudocream; calpol sachets; ramer sponge; baby shampoo; baby soap; baby bath; moisturiser etc. I also made up a little mini scrapbook album from Sizzix so that they could insert some photos to show off to people.

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