Sunday, 24 February 2008

Before and ..........

Beautiful blue skies and temperature very cool!

We took off to the beach again today to stretch our legs and enjoy some fresh air not realising just how cool it was even though we were all well wrapped up. Alwynne as usual, took some bribing, but she agreed to come along only if she could collect sea shells (again!). So her and I trailed way behind the 2 Stewarts and the dog. Alwynne on the look out for shells and me enjoying the views. We could see across the Forth that the weather was not too great there but continued our walk anyways. It wasn't until we got so far along on our route back, that we got caught in the sudden change of weather. We were absolutely soaked through. You can see that from the other images - even a rainbow appeared. I just started laughing at what must've been a funny site cos we were all drookit!

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