Wednesday, 13 February 2008

40th Birthday "Survival Kit"

This is what I did for Fiona Veerman or affectionately known as 'Fee Vee' for her 40th birthday bash [yeah, I know, difficult to believe Fee is that age eh?]. There's all sorts in there inlcuding rubber bands, paper clips, headache tablets, chocolate, lollipops, pasta and alcoholic shots etc!

I was especially chuffed with my florist's bow! It was one thing that I had wanted to learn how to do and looked on the 'net for a lesson. Anyways, I did follow the instructions and had an okay result but nothing compared to this solo attempt! Previously, it was at crafting sessions at the primary school, on behalf of Suz, I was introduced to Kirsteen [yeah you both know who you are babes! :o) ] who is a florist herself. Weeelllll, I received first hand tuition which I thoroughly enjoyed and this was my first solo attempt!


HosieMosie said...

Great idea, and lovely presentation!

Wee Hels said...

Thank you for the compliment! You've made my day :o) The wrapping really was the easiest part compared to the presentation of the contents!

Fee Vee said...

Fee Vee here!
Don't tell any one......... but this was my favourite pressie! Soooo original!
Thanks Helen