Sunday, 17 February 2008

High School Musical Birthday - follow-up

Alwynne was rather excited asking "when will the girls be here?" As our guests arrived [including granny and me!] they were issued with the HSM VIP Pass which I had designed and printed off to display in the genuine HSM lanyards. The girls really felt 'like a VIP' walking around displaying their passes at "10 pin". Whilst checking my reservation at 10 Pin reception, even the assistant kept looking at my VIP pass! A good time was had by all and thankfully, by the time we arrived at Frankie and Benny's it was a little busy so we had to wait a wee while. I say ‘thankfully’ as the wait had made the kids a bit hungrier than usual that they all ate their meal. Lauren kept counting down to 8 pm for when the HSM singstar was scheduled for. Once we all arrived home, the kids got their pj’s on and HSM singstar commenced. It was brilliant just to watch them sing without any inhibitions at all and later on, the HSM album CD was played whilst they all leapt around the room. It must have been around midnight or so when the girls’ bedroom lights went out! The morning arrived too quickly as I had only got to my bed around 2.30 am, faffing around with the PC and downloading photos taken of the events for the guests to take home as a memento and then I had to finish off the ‘thank you’ notes which I attached to large bars of chocolate, also for the girls to take home. Once the girls got dressed etc, they all came through to the kitchen donning their VIP passes again! Overall, I am sure the girls all had a ball!

In the run up to the sleepover, I pondered whether to us an HSM looty bag or plain party box [similar to kids takeaway meal boxes] when eventually I came up with the idea of using the disposable plastic pint tumblers from Asda and filled them up with: genuine HSM slipper socks; HSM tattoos; HSM confetti; HSM stickers; a personalised HSM wrapped pack of fruitellas; HSM dogtag necklace; pen, HSM pin badges; crème egg and a small altered notepad [not shown in photo] decorated with the same patterned paper as the invitation and ‘thank you’ chocolate bar; mini stamps and finally a helium filled HSM foil balloon which I attached to the cup. I the wrapped the filled cups up with the dotty cellophane and secured with curling ribbon.

Hopefully the remainder of today will be restful compared the last couple of weeks of planning and designing for the sleepover. Probably we will not be going very far today as no doubt we will have visitors popping by for the birthday girl!

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