Friday, 29 February 2008

Easter card sample

I really need to be planning what I am going to do with the P7 kids at the beginning of the week in time for my Friday morning session with them as I always seem to run out of time to prepare them. I kept putting it off yesterday and eventually got round to planning this card at around half 10 last night! Cutting out the letters and multiple sheep die cuts were far more time consuming than I had realised as it took me to around 1 am before I realised the time! At that point I still hadn't cut up the base coloured card and creased the folds and left that until this morning. It wasn't until I actually had the session that I was told I was taking more kids than usual [normal maximum amount to hold is 6] but there was something else happening at school that I ended up having 10 kids! I had only prepared 6 cards + the sample card that I have for display purposes. So some of the kids didnt have all the die cuts available to them so I suggested that I look after their cards and they could attend next week and finish them once I cut out more letters and sheep die cuts. Thankfully the kids were happy with that suggestion.

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