Sunday, 28 February 2016

Saturday Night Takeaway

No reference to Ant and Dec's TV show! 

This is my long week for work-wise for both my jobs including all of weekend.  Mr A came through in time for dinner and treated is all to a takeaway.  But just before he did that, he nipped out just for a while and came back adorned with flowers for both Alwynne and I - flowers for Alwynne as an appreciation of scrubbing down the bathroom tiles and shower screen for me and also a bottle of Prosecco for me and chocolate treats too  - very thoughtful of Mr A as always.  I'd already bought the Chambord at Christmas time but never got round to using it so a wee dash of Chambord in the Prosseco was lovely!!  It was fairly bitter weather-wise so we just made a night of it after I suggested I treat us to Mr Bond! Thank you Messrs A and Bond xxx

Have a good weekend everyone! x

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Just a few more....

Slightly different variations:

I've still to stamp and Matt a sentiment for these cards:

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Blue is the hue

For Christmas, I received a very thoughtful card making/scrapbooking kit from the young man and his family I support.  Over the last few weeks I have really hankered over getting some crafting done so on Saturday evening through Sunday and a couple made tonight, I have been creating Kraft cards using the supplies from the super gift. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Valentine's weekend

 Valentine's weekend now gone, the memories will last for a very long time.  After completing a long but good day covering both my jobs on the Friday 12th Feb, I travelled through to spend the night with my partner who had dinner cooked and the dining table set with candles etc all waiting on my arrival.  'Mr A' [I affectionately call him this whenever writing about him], cooked us lovely salmon with new potatoes and veg,  and a desssert to follow.

We woke up on the Saturday morning with a beautiful blanket of snow which made everything seem "Christmassy".  Unfortunately it didn't last too long.  However much I enjoy being tucked up at home all nice and cosy, I do not like to walk or drive in snowy/fresh and frozen impacted ice or snow!

We previously tried a restaurant for the first time a few weeks ago and we enjoyed the premises, staff, food and friendly family atmosphere so much Mr A had booked a table for us for the eve of Valentine's Day.  We both chose the pate and toast for starters, Mr A chose the steak, chips and veg for his main whilst I chose venison, veg and mashed potatoes.  Dessert for Mr A was sticky toffee pudding with cream and I chose the tangy lemon torte which I could not finish and took home with me.  All was delicious!  We had planned to make a night of it and headed off to the pictures to see Tarantino's "Hateful Eight" which although long [almost 3 hrs viewing], was actually quite comical and gruesome at the same time.  We almost had the cinema to ourselves until 2 blokes arrived,,,,,,twas a late night that night as the movie started after 10 pm and finished around 1 am!   I was working again on the Sunday but whilst I was on shift, Mr A took himself off to Marks & Spencers for one of their meal deals which was advertised at £20.  He bought M&S chicken liver pate with vodka and cranberry to go on seaded bread toasted as our starter.  For the main meal, he bought the duck in orange sauce, added the potatoes and vegetables - OMG!! my taste buds were dancing!  This was followed by the millionaire shortcake cheesecake style dessert.  All deliciously prepared and set up for me whenever I was ready for dinner.  All enjoyed with red wine for Mr A and rose wine for myself.  What a marvellous weekend which was topped off with receiving this wonderful gift - thank you Mr A! xx

Time waits for no man......

It was Sunday 24th January when we took this wee trip to Liberton Dams/Hermitage of Braids. There had been an awful lot of rain, the most rainful I remember for many years particularly at this time of year and there had been a lot on the news about areas in the UK being flooded.  This is a place where my parents used to take us for walks when we were kids.  The last time I took a walk along here was one Easter time during holidays a few years ago, with my youngest sister and our kids.

We got so far along the walk where we found a rocky area and a man made rope swing presumably done by the kids of that area,  What caught my eye was the different colours in the rock.

The caption reads:  'The house and grounds were gifted to Edinburgh by John McDougal Esq. and opened on 10th June 1939 by the Rt Hon Sir Louis S. Gumley Lord Provost":

Close up of the sun dial:

Time waits for no man........

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Happy birthday daughter - And my sister!

My daughter is 16 today - I can't believe my baby is no longer my "baby".  Where does the time go? 

I put  16th birthday banners up in the house last night and wished her a happy birthday before heading off to work this morning.  She's apparently off up town with her friends and she's getting her belly button pierced (I am not keen at all but hey, she's 16 and classed as an adult now!).  How is that teens are never off their mobile phone and when trying to make conversation without it is like having lost a limb to them!  So why is it I've not heard from her all day, no response to my text and phone calls?? I can only hope she's having a good time nonetheless but it would be good to hear if she is okay etc...... Oh she's only called a short while ago to say they had been to the movies and are now on their way home......

It's also my eldest sister's birthday today - I managed to stop off at hers on way home from work before heading to garage to have headlamp bulbs replaced.

Happy birthday Joyce!!  

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Road Trip [kind of] Falkirk Wheel

Although the chap I have been seeing for almost 4 years lives in Falkirk, I have never been to the Falkirk Wheel.  We did visit the Kelpies site not long after the site was opened and long before the visitors centre was complete.  So on a booked annual leave day off my NHS work, we decided to do local visits in Falkirk so that I could get out with my camera.

Mini Road Trips

Eyemouth is not too far from where I live - still I never tire of visiting the place.  A few years back there were a couple of seals that came into the harbour and now there is a trailer van selling fish for visitors to feed the seals though I am not too sure when it is open.  However on Monday, we had a wee treat from at least 1 seal who came into the harbour......

I like how there are water droplets at the end of his whiskers....

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Happy New Year!

Well everyone - happy new year and best wishes for 2016!

Apologies I have not really kept my blog up to date - purely down to sheer lack of time working full time in an admin post and working evenings and most weekends as a support worker for special needs adults.

I have however, managed to visit some places from time to time to practice my photography and whilst, some time has past from these visits, I always intended for these photos to reach my blog at some point!

I think I will start with Loch Lomond from April 2015......