Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Happy birthday daughter - And my sister!

My daughter is 16 today - I can't believe my baby is no longer my "baby".  Where does the time go? 

I put  16th birthday banners up in the house last night and wished her a happy birthday before heading off to work this morning.  She's apparently off up town with her friends and she's getting her belly button pierced (I am not keen at all but hey, she's 16 and classed as an adult now!).  How is that teens are never off their mobile phone and when trying to make conversation without it is like having lost a limb to them!  So why is it I've not heard from her all day, no response to my text and phone calls?? I can only hope she's having a good time nonetheless but it would be good to hear if she is okay etc...... Oh she's only called a short while ago to say they had been to the movies and are now on their way home......

It's also my eldest sister's birthday today - I managed to stop off at hers on way home from work before heading to garage to have headlamp bulbs replaced.

Happy birthday Joyce!!  

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