Thursday, 18 February 2016

Time waits for no man......

It was Sunday 24th January when we took this wee trip to Liberton Dams/Hermitage of Braids. There had been an awful lot of rain, the most rainful I remember for many years particularly at this time of year and there had been a lot on the news about areas in the UK being flooded.  This is a place where my parents used to take us for walks when we were kids.  The last time I took a walk along here was one Easter time during holidays a few years ago, with my youngest sister and our kids.

We got so far along the walk where we found a rocky area and a man made rope swing presumably done by the kids of that area,  What caught my eye was the different colours in the rock.

The caption reads:  'The house and grounds were gifted to Edinburgh by John McDougal Esq. and opened on 10th June 1939 by the Rt Hon Sir Louis S. Gumley Lord Provost":

Close up of the sun dial:

Time waits for no man........

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