Sunday, 28 February 2016

Saturday Night Takeaway

No reference to Ant and Dec's TV show! 

This is my long week for work-wise for both my jobs including all of weekend.  Mr A came through in time for dinner and treated is all to a takeaway.  But just before he did that, he nipped out just for a while and came back adorned with flowers for both Alwynne and I - flowers for Alwynne as an appreciation of scrubbing down the bathroom tiles and shower screen for me and also a bottle of Prosecco for me and chocolate treats too  - very thoughtful of Mr A as always.  I'd already bought the Chambord at Christmas time but never got round to using it so a wee dash of Chambord in the Prosseco was lovely!!  It was fairly bitter weather-wise so we just made a night of it after I suggested I treat us to Mr Bond! Thank you Messrs A and Bond xxx

Have a good weekend everyone! x

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