Tuesday, 29 April 2008

[Blender] Banana Loaf

After promising Alwynne for the last few weeks of making banana loaf, I eventually got round to making some of it this morning before school! I made a point in getting up a wee bit earlier than usual so as to pre-heat the oven, get the ingredients ready to prepare. What could go wrong went wrong! I think the oven 'switched' itself off about 3 times! I'd obviously not held on the to the button to allow gas through after lighting it as I shoul've gave it a longer delay - shucks! The 1st batch were the mini banana loaves as they only take about 20 mins to cook and 30 mins to cool down - easy enough to put in Alwynne's and Stewart's packed lunch boxes as requested! The other 2 loaves were 2lb loaves and take around an hour to cook. Yummy alternative to breakfast - 1 slice [with or without spread/jam] and a cup of tea!
It's a really easy recipe - just a case of throwing all ingredients together in a mixing bowl/food processor and blend them all together and just pour into loaf tins.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Red head!

My 15 yr old daughter Marianne, who has naturally light brown/blonde coloured hair, started to dye her hair a good few months ago. The first couple of colours were dark brown - not too bad a transition. However, the last time she coloured her hair it was black! This hair dye seems to have been a good one as only recently her roots have been showing. Anyways, she decided she wanted to go blonde again and bought the dyes. To my dismay, she actually went out and bought the blonde shade of hair dye. I reluctantly assisted and applied the concoction up as per instructions and left her hair for the required time. I was a little dubious as I didn't think her hair would change at all considering it was so dark previously. Anyways, rinsed and conditioned her hair and OMG!!! Pure bleached roots and hairline, and the remainder of her hair were all shades of ginger! What a shock - I couldn't do anything for laughing, such a supportive mother am I eh? She couldn't face going into school in case of any abuse about the state of her hair. She eventually got round to re-washing it, blow dried it and straightened using the HS irons. It actually looked not too bad heh heh heh! I am surprised she actually let me take a photo of the event of her teenage nightmare hair!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Meet my brother-in-law

My BIL Stevie, bought himself a wee while ago, a chick magnet in the shape of a Mercedes SLK Kompressor! Faberoonie car! I'd suggested at the time to take some photos of it and this morning that's exactly what we did - so here they are!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Stampin' Up!

Yay! I managed to use my Stampin' Up purchases for the 1st time LOL!! I had been 'hankering' after the scallop punch for a while but never actually managed to get round to be able to have a 'play' with them! I used a retired SU birthday stamp though omitted the "happy birthday" with the cake which is in the centre of the stamp. I just applied the ink to the scallops of that particular stamp then stamped onto Bazill cardstock leaving enough room to use the SU scallop punch afterwards for a decent border. Using the textured side of Bazill cardstock doesn't lend itself well to an even application but I quite liked the effect! I then applied ink to the smaller SU sentiments stamp and then stamped onto plain white cardstock and trimmed and stuck it down on the previously stamped/scalloped piece. That was the base for my idea for both the card and 'altered wrapper' for the bars of chocolate for the lucky recipient. I even managed to use my Sizzix sizzlet "Cherish" alphabet as well. The dotty paper is from a DCWV stack.

Monday, 21 April 2008

At the park

I suggested to the kids today [seeing as it was a holiday] that perhaps it would be a good idea to get out of the house and pay a wee visit to the park LOL!! Alwynne wanted to take her doll's pram which proved to be quite difficult for her to steer as the wheels aren't maneuverable - I don't think she will be in quite a rush to take that pram out in a hurry!! Stewart has his own transport - his bicycle and me - my own 2 feet only just!

Alwynne wasn't quite so happy to have her photo taken but wee Stewart did as he wants his 'Bebo' image changed! I was quite happy to oblige!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

My chosen 3 images for the texture assignment

My partially eaten cheesie toastie for lunch! Stewart's RC petrol RC buggy wheels
Believe it or not - this is a Weight Watcher's Carrot Cake Slice!!
Our deadline for today was to submit at least 3 images of texture. I admittedly toiled to begin with and nothing seemed to 'pop' at me with what I thought had texture. It wasnt until I started to see the initial submissions from other participants, when the inspiration started to seep into my head LOL and this is my attempts!!

My Module 2 runner up images

Friday, 11 April 2008

Me as a tourist in Edinburgh

I spent Wednesday in Edinburgh as a 'tourist' LOL!!

I am born and bred Edinburgh but never really saw the potential Edinburgh has from a photography point-of-view until recent years. I suppose living in Edinburgh, you take things for granted. Even now I have lived in East Lothian for the last 18 yrs, Edinburgh is only a bus ride away - I don't tend to even shop in the capital either especially weekends as it is streaming with people. So visiting Edinburgh as a 'tourist' is a whole new perspective! The course I am doing lasts for 10 weeks . I'll be honest – at first I was a bit apprehensive. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? That was my realisation when I received my first assignment. So this is the reason I ended up in Edinburgh as a 'tourist'. It was my choice to go into Edinbrgh to take photographs from a different perspective as I felt I had more scope of interest there. It really made my day when I uploaded my 3 chosen images and received fantastic feedback. Just gotta work on my next assignment!

My 'runner up' images

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Nappy cake for teacher's baby boy

Yay - I managed to finish and wrap up the nappy cake! I will take it down to school tomorrow and see if the HT will safely store it in her office or somewhere safe. The nappy cake etc is a gift from myself and another 2 parents whose kiddies were also taught by Miss Kersh. Hope it won't be too long before she pays a visit to the school so that she can receive it in peak condition!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Concertina baby album

I managed to get a wee bit of crafting in whilst the kids were swimming on Friday afternoon. I cut up the chipboard at home, prepared the paper/cardstock and tools needed to put the album together before we went. It would've been pointless me actually going swimming with the kids as there is a fun session in the pool between 2-3 pm. The floats and various items are brought out for the kids and it is sheer pandemonium in that hour LOL!! So needless to say, I sat in the cafe preparing the album. I did the finishing touches at home on Saturday and then started the nappy cake on Saturday night. Just got to wrap the album and nappy cake up in cellophane.

A Trip to the NMS Chamber Street, Edinburgh

Easter Hols

Shock! I can't believe it's been over a week since I last updated my blog! Can't say that we've been up to much to be honest as in the 1st week of the hols, Marianne wanted to decorate her bedroom so the house was in a bit of a guddle with her having to move furniture around to enable her to paint the room. Marianne wanted to do it all by herself but I got so fed up of the very slow speed she was on 3 days later, I ended up having to help paint the room! In between that time, I managed to meet up with the girls for coffee on the 1st Tues of the hols then out with another few girls for a meal on the Wed. Then 'Sunny' our poor dog had to be admitted to the vets on Fri and had to be put 'under' GA for investigation and biopsies - £183.00 lighter in the pocket for his op/treatment and meds. The poor soul took a couple of days for his spirit to lift a little as he had been feeling sorry for himself. With the weather being pretty miserable, it wasn't ideal to be taking him out for his usual walks. On the same night of Sunny's visit to the vet, I had another meet-up with another lot of girls for a get together, blether and a wee booze session. BUT :o) - shockeroonie - I didn't get home until quarter to 4 in the morning!! It was a hoot and I wasn't too inebriated either, just of 'merry' mood. I then met up with the girls from coffee sessions again for a Chinese meal in Haddington last Wed - what a laugh that was too. I was easily convinced to join them for their pampering session at Stobo Castle later on in the year :o) A night without kids and hubby - just sheer pampering and relaxation - here I come LOL!!
Week 2 of hols - not much done either. Stewart took the Mon and Tues off that week but the weather was rubbish so it wasn't really the weather to take a wee road trip and picnic unfortunately. Luckily the sports centre isn't very far away so I have taken the kids swimming a few times - just to get them outta the house and have a bit of fun and exercise at the same time. The weather was reasonably good on Thurs with a wee bit of sunshine. I took wee Stewart and Alwynne up to Edinburgh to spend their Easter money and to visit the Museum on Chambers Street too. Stewart predictable as ever, wanted to get a game for one of his games consoles. Alwynne's still kept a hold of her cash! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the museum as it is the science festival so the kids tried out various things at the museum and were desperate to see the Egyptians section. I suggested that if they wanted afterwards, to visit Greyfriar's Bobby and so that is where we ventured after the museum!