Saturday, 26 April 2008

Red head!

My 15 yr old daughter Marianne, who has naturally light brown/blonde coloured hair, started to dye her hair a good few months ago. The first couple of colours were dark brown - not too bad a transition. However, the last time she coloured her hair it was black! This hair dye seems to have been a good one as only recently her roots have been showing. Anyways, she decided she wanted to go blonde again and bought the dyes. To my dismay, she actually went out and bought the blonde shade of hair dye. I reluctantly assisted and applied the concoction up as per instructions and left her hair for the required time. I was a little dubious as I didn't think her hair would change at all considering it was so dark previously. Anyways, rinsed and conditioned her hair and OMG!!! Pure bleached roots and hairline, and the remainder of her hair were all shades of ginger! What a shock - I couldn't do anything for laughing, such a supportive mother am I eh? She couldn't face going into school in case of any abuse about the state of her hair. She eventually got round to re-washing it, blow dried it and straightened using the HS irons. It actually looked not too bad heh heh heh! I am surprised she actually let me take a photo of the event of her teenage nightmare hair!

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