Monday, 7 April 2008

Easter Hols

Shock! I can't believe it's been over a week since I last updated my blog! Can't say that we've been up to much to be honest as in the 1st week of the hols, Marianne wanted to decorate her bedroom so the house was in a bit of a guddle with her having to move furniture around to enable her to paint the room. Marianne wanted to do it all by herself but I got so fed up of the very slow speed she was on 3 days later, I ended up having to help paint the room! In between that time, I managed to meet up with the girls for coffee on the 1st Tues of the hols then out with another few girls for a meal on the Wed. Then 'Sunny' our poor dog had to be admitted to the vets on Fri and had to be put 'under' GA for investigation and biopsies - £183.00 lighter in the pocket for his op/treatment and meds. The poor soul took a couple of days for his spirit to lift a little as he had been feeling sorry for himself. With the weather being pretty miserable, it wasn't ideal to be taking him out for his usual walks. On the same night of Sunny's visit to the vet, I had another meet-up with another lot of girls for a get together, blether and a wee booze session. BUT :o) - shockeroonie - I didn't get home until quarter to 4 in the morning!! It was a hoot and I wasn't too inebriated either, just of 'merry' mood. I then met up with the girls from coffee sessions again for a Chinese meal in Haddington last Wed - what a laugh that was too. I was easily convinced to join them for their pampering session at Stobo Castle later on in the year :o) A night without kids and hubby - just sheer pampering and relaxation - here I come LOL!!
Week 2 of hols - not much done either. Stewart took the Mon and Tues off that week but the weather was rubbish so it wasn't really the weather to take a wee road trip and picnic unfortunately. Luckily the sports centre isn't very far away so I have taken the kids swimming a few times - just to get them outta the house and have a bit of fun and exercise at the same time. The weather was reasonably good on Thurs with a wee bit of sunshine. I took wee Stewart and Alwynne up to Edinburgh to spend their Easter money and to visit the Museum on Chambers Street too. Stewart predictable as ever, wanted to get a game for one of his games consoles. Alwynne's still kept a hold of her cash! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the museum as it is the science festival so the kids tried out various things at the museum and were desperate to see the Egyptians section. I suggested that if they wanted afterwards, to visit Greyfriar's Bobby and so that is where we ventured after the museum!

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