Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Chelle & Elsie

This has to be one of my favourite photos! The only thing I wished I could've done was able to avoid the shadow behind mum and baby! I didn't put this up along with Elsies' gift basket [see February archive] purely as Chelle hadn't seen the photo. Anyways, we were at her younger sister's 21st on Friday evening and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I thought that would be an ideal time to present this photo to her!

I probably should have put this photo as 1 of the 2 favourite images on my portfolio for my PWL photography course! We had to do a self portrait [which I am no good being in front of the camera!] plus enter 2 of our favourite photos plus 2 photos that were our rubbishy ones - you know the sort - the images looked okay on the LCD or EVF of your camera but once on compy - total RUBBISH LOL!!

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