Saturday, 15 March 2008

New Lanark

Being a parent volunteer at the school, I helped escort pupils and teachers on Thursday on an excursion to New Lanark which is a fab place to go to! If you live in Scotland or visit, please take the time to visit New Lanark as it is fascinating indeed! It is all about the mills and how Robert Owen pioneered and changed the way of life for workers/families and child slave labour and set up the world's very 1st creche and nursery. Here is what some of the 'blurb' says from the leaflet:
Over 200 years ago the impressive sandstone cotton mills of New Lanark were
built by an enterprising Scot, David Dale, in a dramatic gorge in Southern
Scotland, close to the famous Falls of Clyde. Soon the village became known all
over the world under the enlightened management of Dale’s son-in-law, the social
pioneer, Robert Owen. In an age of cruel mill managers and ‘dark, satanic mills’
he provided decent homes, fair wages, free health care and a new education
system for villagers, which included the first nursery school in the world.
Today, as you wander around the village and surrounding Wildlife Reserve, it is
easy to imagine how people lived and worked in Owen’s day.

Please see this link for more information if you wish:


Aussie Wendy said...

How very interesting, especially from this side of the world!
Aussie Wendy

Tullavilla said...

Looks beautiful & sounds very interesting. If I'm ever in that part of the world I'll definately pay it a visit!