Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Mother's Day Lillies

Sorry folks! I've not posted recently only due to the fact that I have been so busy at home and at work!
Anyways - on Mother's Day [now over a week ago] my eldest daughter presented me with these lillies and a box of chocs for Mother's Day. The chocs are long gone but the lillies are still in bloom and OH MY GOODNESS what a perfume that comes off them - absolutely beautiful! [heh heh heh you can tell I don't receive or buy flowers very often]. Even now they are giving off a lovely scent that greets you whenever you enter the house even though the flowers are in the living room.


Polly said...

Oooh Lillies are my all time faves! The smell is divine. Ummmm. I love lillies :)

Claire aka Feline said...

Wonderful scented Lillies, I love the second photo its really striking :) xxx