Saturday, 15 March 2008

Parents Evening

Jings - it's been of those very busy and hectic weeks! I was very busy last weekend at work and then I had to work on Monday evening pulling information about waiting lists etc. In addition, I've also been busy prepping for our 'Parents Night' at school. Being a member of the parent council and also me being the clerk to the PC, makes life a little interesting! A small amount of the PC had to prepare our notice board to inform parents/carers of what we have been doing since the group got together last June. Some of us volunteered to be available at both the parents evenings to let parents/carers aware of who some of us are and also to distribute questionnaires that I also had to prepare on behalf of the PC. My appointments for parents evening for both my kids were on the later session running on the Wednesday evening and my 1st appointment was running over 1 hour later than scheduled! She was running so late that the teachers for my son's appointment which was the last of the evening came looking for me LOL! Anyways, it was all good news thankfully!

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