Monday, 27 October 2008

Morven's birthday choccies

Ella's thank you token

Small gift tag:

Package open a little with bagged contents:

SU grossgrain ribbon closure:

Not quite finished:
Whilst I was on annual leave and off to Stobo Castle last weekend, Ella, my work colleague, covers a tiny fraction of my post typing reports and urgent docs for our consultant whom we both work for. Having worked full time in the GI Unit a few years ago, I know only too well what the workloads are like - it's certainly not reduced these days! Anyways, just enjoy with a wee cuppa Ella and thank you!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Framed scrapbook page

A scrapbook page layout - framed [photo just to be inserted for completion]:
Some brad 'bling':

All wrapped up including bow:

The florist's bow I made myself:

A framed scrapbook page or "layout" [LO] as they are known, makes an ideal gift for a newborn or just simply a gift for any occasion. I tend to make them blank for gifts or as a requested commission. The frame itself is 14"x11". I positioned the trimmed patterned paper and cardstock in place before I secured them down with glue. I used the new Stampin Up scallop punch for the furthest border. Printed birth details on normal paper and arranged them to be printed on the SU round scallop punch. Letters die-cut with sizzlets via the tag-a-long machine.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Stobo Castle - Update

The above and below photos of Stobo Castle from driveway
Well - I had a fantastic time at Stobo Castle - well worth the money - no kids - pure adult company!! What a hoot it was. As usual, I just laughed my head off at a lot of things [I have a daft sense of humour so I am easily amused]. It helps to have terrific company - thanks gals - you know who you are!!

It was great to try all the spas, saunas etc. The pool was just brill to swim in [albeit v. cold!]. My feet could touch the bottom of the whole length of the pool as there wasn't a deep end. Our rooms were fab too - 2 double beds per room and the mattresses were firm - pure bliss!
All this 'spa' treatment just has the 'X' factor for pure chilling out - it's so exhausting doing absolutely nothing, zilch, nada :oP It was great not having to stay dressed. Our attire consisted of our swimming costumes and a bathrobe and slippers to swany about in with only having to dress properly for evening dinner talking of which - all the meals were delicious. Makes a nice change not having to do all the cooking and clearing up - I certainly could get used to that treatment. We are already planning to book ahead for next year - Yay!!
All I can say is that I am now the proud owner of around 5 plooks heh heh heh!

The castle - en route from our rooms:

I saw this carving from the poolside loungers - intricate carving from an old tree stump:

This was the fountain in the Atrium where we could sit and relax, drink whatever beveridge we fancied or wait for your name to be called for your booked treatment session:

Me at the 'slumber' party in one of our rooms:

The Castle Lodge where our rooms were:
Another view from the driveway:

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Yay! I am off to Stobo Castle!!! :o)

Stobo Castle in Spring:
Yep - you saw correct! 9 other girlies and myself are off this morning to Stobo Castle for a husband/partner and kids free weekend! This is the 1st time in 18 years of married life, that I have EVER been away overnight WITHOUT my kids and hubby. I'm a little nervous but ho hum It'll be loadsa fun! We've got the mud all ready and some of us have our treatments booked!
That's an image I downloaded from t'net - but hopefully I'll upload one of my own!

Friday, 17 October 2008

A birthday card commission

Another birthday card commission for a wee boy who is going to be 2 years old today! Stampin' up! stamps and spiral punch used. Cuttlebug no.2. Sizzlet funky tag with personalisation.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Vibrant autumn colours

Autumn is my favourite time of year!! Nature presents to us an array of magnificent colours and changes......

These were the prickly 'nuts' Alwynne collected - not sure what they were - I'll need to get my reference book and find out! - It is a chestnut - a "sweet chestnut"!
This tree had what appeared to be peach coloured leaves - I am sure the tree will have some sort of name - again I'll need to look in the reference book. It struck me what a fab colour combination it was with the blue sky as the background. Very pretty I thought!

The woodland walkway:

The changing of season in Vogrie:

Whilst we visited our usual 'haunt' for the chestnut tree, I came across this little cluster of undisturbed fungi - another pretty set of colours mixed with the decaying leaves:
Another changing tree:
This striking red leaf just caught my eye whilst walking:
On the way back to the car park, I couldn't help but see just how lush the holly bushes and trees were and this bush was no exception:
Moss on old decaying tree:

Out on a crisp autumn day

Can you see him? We've had glorious sunshine today and we certainly made the most of it! Got the 2 younger kids and 'Sunny' our GSD organised and loaded into the car and made off to Vogrie Country Park. Ali is determined to find "conkers" [chestnuts to those who don't know] but poor wee soul didn't succeed today either - we think the squirrels have definitely stashed them away! Hubby Stewart took the dog off for the long walk round Vogrie. On the longer walk, the kids dread going up the very steep hill and I am not so sure my knee can take the strain LOL!!! So the kids and I took off for the park after a short walk.
I am glad the bottom of this slide was fixed - it was always a mud bath at the bottom of the slide - not good for kiddies shooting down the slide nor for the adults having to wait at the bottom of the slide :o\ Had to laugh though - kids who wore jeans just didn't get very far coming down the slide - however, those with jogging bottoms or similar trousers shot down this slide like a wee bullet LOL!!

Alwynne, filling her wee poly bags up with some sort of spikey shelled nuts!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Halloween's coming!

Heh heh heh - would you believe Halloween's gonna be here soon? Maybe because that's my birthday I get all excited about Halloween! [yeah, sad I know!]

Well, I came across these SU stamps on that auction site again only cos we can't get them over here even in the new catalogue - honestly I've really browsed! They arrived yesterday [Saturday] but of course I had to go to work as per every weekend and had to wait until I finished my shift, got the kids off to bed and I watched a little telly. It must've been around 11 pm before I started tinkering about again LOL!

Tinkering about with stamps!

Some new SU stamps arrived from the USA I purchased from that auction site. Just fabby! Thursday and Friday night were just spent 'tinkering' about with inks and stamps - my therapy *bliss*.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Baby card commission

Gift tag:
Scalloped punch-out adhered to insert of card
Here is a card I have been commissioned to do - I made a gift tag to match. I'll soon be creating a framed scrapbook page layout - yet to buy the frame LOL!! I am not sure whether you can see that I have punched out the front of the card [there may be a slight shadow] and adhered the stamped and punched image to the inside of the card.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pamper Party Invites

Something I made up for a chum's daughter who will be 9 yrs old soon. She's having a wee pamper party - facials, foot treatments, polished nails and new hair dos LOL!!