Sunday, 19 October 2008

Stobo Castle - Update

The above and below photos of Stobo Castle from driveway
Well - I had a fantastic time at Stobo Castle - well worth the money - no kids - pure adult company!! What a hoot it was. As usual, I just laughed my head off at a lot of things [I have a daft sense of humour so I am easily amused]. It helps to have terrific company - thanks gals - you know who you are!!

It was great to try all the spas, saunas etc. The pool was just brill to swim in [albeit v. cold!]. My feet could touch the bottom of the whole length of the pool as there wasn't a deep end. Our rooms were fab too - 2 double beds per room and the mattresses were firm - pure bliss!
All this 'spa' treatment just has the 'X' factor for pure chilling out - it's so exhausting doing absolutely nothing, zilch, nada :oP It was great not having to stay dressed. Our attire consisted of our swimming costumes and a bathrobe and slippers to swany about in with only having to dress properly for evening dinner talking of which - all the meals were delicious. Makes a nice change not having to do all the cooking and clearing up - I certainly could get used to that treatment. We are already planning to book ahead for next year - Yay!!
All I can say is that I am now the proud owner of around 5 plooks heh heh heh!

The castle - en route from our rooms:

I saw this carving from the poolside loungers - intricate carving from an old tree stump:

This was the fountain in the Atrium where we could sit and relax, drink whatever beveridge we fancied or wait for your name to be called for your booked treatment session:

Me at the 'slumber' party in one of our rooms:

The Castle Lodge where our rooms were:
Another view from the driveway:

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Mar G said...

Great pics Hels!
Glad to read you enjoyed & pampered yourself :)
Sounds & looks idyllic - Mar x