Thursday, 16 October 2008

Vibrant autumn colours

Autumn is my favourite time of year!! Nature presents to us an array of magnificent colours and changes......

These were the prickly 'nuts' Alwynne collected - not sure what they were - I'll need to get my reference book and find out! - It is a chestnut - a "sweet chestnut"!
This tree had what appeared to be peach coloured leaves - I am sure the tree will have some sort of name - again I'll need to look in the reference book. It struck me what a fab colour combination it was with the blue sky as the background. Very pretty I thought!

The woodland walkway:

The changing of season in Vogrie:

Whilst we visited our usual 'haunt' for the chestnut tree, I came across this little cluster of undisturbed fungi - another pretty set of colours mixed with the decaying leaves:
Another changing tree:
This striking red leaf just caught my eye whilst walking:
On the way back to the car park, I couldn't help but see just how lush the holly bushes and trees were and this bush was no exception:
Moss on old decaying tree:

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maddy hill said...

Hello wee Hels !, i clicked on your site from crafts by carolyn ... please say hello to us all - we dont bite
great treat makes ! im afraid i get as far as opening the sweet packet and they seem to go into my mouth rather that the sweetie bag lol ...
love maddy x