Thursday, 16 October 2008

Out on a crisp autumn day

Can you see him? We've had glorious sunshine today and we certainly made the most of it! Got the 2 younger kids and 'Sunny' our GSD organised and loaded into the car and made off to Vogrie Country Park. Ali is determined to find "conkers" [chestnuts to those who don't know] but poor wee soul didn't succeed today either - we think the squirrels have definitely stashed them away! Hubby Stewart took the dog off for the long walk round Vogrie. On the longer walk, the kids dread going up the very steep hill and I am not so sure my knee can take the strain LOL!!! So the kids and I took off for the park after a short walk.
I am glad the bottom of this slide was fixed - it was always a mud bath at the bottom of the slide - not good for kiddies shooting down the slide nor for the adults having to wait at the bottom of the slide :o\ Had to laugh though - kids who wore jeans just didn't get very far coming down the slide - however, those with jogging bottoms or similar trousers shot down this slide like a wee bullet LOL!!

Alwynne, filling her wee poly bags up with some sort of spikey shelled nuts!

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Dawn said...

Your photography is lovely,I love all the autumnal colours.
Hoping it is nice up here this weekend to get out & crunch through the leaves.

Too busy tomorrow prepping for a big SU party in Dundee, Iam bricking it 20 people.

I love your Halloween Skin how did you do that?