Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pamper Party Invites

Something I made up for a chum's daughter who will be 9 yrs old soon. She's having a wee pamper party - facials, foot treatments, polished nails and new hair dos LOL!!


Dawn said...

I love those bling buckles really finishes off the card..

Really like your gift bags on the other post.
Must learn how to make them.

Mar G said...

Hi Helen (Hels) - Love your blog & your beautiful creations....Well Done! :)
Found you when I was blog hopping, only realised today that if you clicked on the blue links in your profile info you can then search folk with the same interests (Duh)!
I'll add you to my blog list, hope thats ok?
Look forward to chatting - Mar x

Wee Hels said...

HI Mar g - thanks for your kind comments :o) Yes, I don't mind being added to your blog list - you've really made my day! :o)