Friday, 26 September 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Sean!

It's Sean's 11th birthday tomorrow and he is having a sleepover and invited my son and their mutual friend to the sleepover and bowling tomorrow. Hope they have a great time!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Another wee gift bag + new job

Mini gift bag and new job card:
'Jazzed' up choc mints included:Card all on its lonesome:
Side view of gift bag:
Contents inside bag:

I quite enjoyed making the first wee gift bag so I made a second LOL!! I am attending my secretaries meeting at work today [I can't usually attend as I work weekends only due to kids and other commitments]. My supervisor will be off to pastures new although still within the NHS. So today will probably be the last time I see her in person! So I thought I would make this as a little 'minding' as we don't really know each other but to let her know I am thinking of her. The wording on the embellishment says "goodbye and best wishes" was typed in 'word' then printed off; cut out using one my new circle punches and used an SU flower stamp to decorate the middle of the circle.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mini gift bag

This is my first time completing a mini gift bag - making it by hand all by myself :o) It is quite small - I think it would be an ideal size for even wedding favours! The 'bag ' is actually made out of 1 x sheet of A4 cardstock.

It also gave me a chance to use my new circle punches from Woodware. They arrived this morning - I only ordered and paid for them yesterday - what superb service!

I used the SU scallop punch, Circle of Friendship stamp [hence the need for the circle punches] and 3 stamps from the "Simply Said" collection.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

September Birthdays

Birthday card:

2 x large bars of chocolate as they are:

2 x large bars of chocolate wrapped up with pp:
Chocolate gift completely 'jazzed up:
Chocolate gift + co-ordinating birthday card:
2nd birthday card with organza ribbon and a wee bit glitter:

Side view of wrapped up [2nd] chocolate gift:

front view of chocolate gift:
Front close-up view of chocolate gift:
"Birthday Bottle" all jazzed up includ. chocolate gift:

September seems to be the busiest month for birthdays! Various relatives and friends' birthdays all seem to cluster around the same time.

If time allows me, I try to handcraft cards for the special peeps [occasionally I buy them if I don't have time!]. But for most people's birthdays I usually buy them from the local wee shop usually for around 80 odd pence!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Crimbo cards!

Well the table was still set up in the living room [shockeroonie] and I thought it was about time I got a 'fix' of crafting for just 'me'.

I have never been this organised for Christmas cards ever in my puff before LOL!!

I used a combination of Stampin Up punches and stamps, DCWV patterned paper, Bazill cardstock and a little bit of glitter. I took photos last night but they were *pants* so re-took them today and they seem far better in daylight [I should've known this already].

With a few of the paisley style cards, I thought I could 'jazz' the up using the ultra fine glitter I bought [a bargain for £1.20] from Paperlace in Dalkeith and my glue pen. I thought they turned not too bad!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

1 in a million

Another commission - a 'millions' gift jar.
As before, a brand new Ikea jar washed out and filled with 'Millions' candy. Lid decorated with paper disc sized to the lid of the jar. A couple of co-ordinating Ellison daisies cut out and secured to disc the final embellishment adhered securely to the jar lid. Add a couple of small tags - voila!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Liberton High School Open Day - 23rd Aug

The driveway to 'Libby'

Dianne, Michelle, Linda, Crispin [small image I am holding] and myself

Denise, Michelle and I [in the assembly hall]
The 23rd August was the open day for Libby High School as it is celebrating it's 50 anniversary! That day was also the very 1st time walking up the drive to the school, and actually being in the building since I left oooh how many years ago???!!! LOL

There was a good turnout for the day. First stop was in the assembly hall and a welcome from LHS's current HT, Donald John MacDonald. It was weird being in the assembly hall on the 'wrong side' as our wee group used to always gather around at the rear, right hand side of the hall just as you come through the doors. One of the group was missing, Crispin - now known as Cris who is now living and working in London. Denise blew up a photo of Cris and cut it out, added a stem so that Cris could 'join' us in the photies! Quite a few changes carried out through the school since we last attended. And although I am the same height now as I was at Libby, everything seemed smaller compared to how we all remembered it LOL!! Mrs Stenhouse, the nurse who worked at Libby whilst we were there hadn't really changed but us as pupils into adults sure did. As much as Mrs Stenhouse didn't recognise us, she sure remembered some of our names! A few other faces we recognised including Mr Adams, the music teacher turned up on the day! It was great to meet up with some of the girls from my year and we all went for a spot of lunch, blether and out came out the photies. OMG - we were fashion victims of 80's!
Dianne, Michelle, Linda, Crispin and Denise

Mr Adams the music teacher
Denise - ? being interviewed for the news Denise, Michelle and Dianne [in art dept]
Linda, Michelle, Dianne, Me, Pauline and Denise [in art dept]

Denise, Crispin and Pauline

Linda, Denise, Michelle and Dianne [in assembly hall]