Friday, 12 September 2008

Irene Harrison's retirement

Irene - may you have the retirement you have been planning - we know you will be kept very busy socialising and enjoying family, friends, new and old hobbies - ENJOY!
The celebrity herself:
Well today is Irene Harrison's last day working as a teacher at one of our primary schools. Irene taught 2 of my children and is a long serving member of staff, and well known in our community. It isn't unusual to find a few of the children who attend school nowadays are children or relatives of children Irene had previously taught at school over the years.

Irene had mentioned to myself and a couple of my friends [who regularly meet at school etc for fundraising and parent council stuff] that she had recently taken up horse riding. Suzanne [you know who you are LOL!] came up with the idea of the horseshoe seeing as she knew I had made one previously for a wedding this year. I had tried to incorporate the school colours of purple, silver and black. I managed to find gorgeous black ribbon with purple tartan, I spray painted the horse shoe silver and then dressed it up with some purple and silver embellishments and some bling!
Irene was delighted with the gift!
The horsehoe retirement gift:
Horsehoe painted silver

Horse shoe all jazzed up:

Presentation is in the smallest of details:

Retirement and gift cards:

All together:

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joybear said...

How fun! I have never seen a "pretty" horse awesome!