Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Another wee gift bag + new job

Mini gift bag and new job card:
'Jazzed' up choc mints included:Card all on its lonesome:
Side view of gift bag:
Contents inside bag:

I quite enjoyed making the first wee gift bag so I made a second LOL!! I am attending my secretaries meeting at work today [I can't usually attend as I work weekends only due to kids and other commitments]. My supervisor will be off to pastures new although still within the NHS. So today will probably be the last time I see her in person! So I thought I would make this as a little 'minding' as we don't really know each other but to let her know I am thinking of her. The wording on the embellishment says "goodbye and best wishes" was typed in 'word' then printed off; cut out using one my new circle punches and used an SU flower stamp to decorate the middle of the circle.

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Dawn said...

Love your wee bags, not tried those, they are very cute.