Friday, 26 June 2009

Newborn Baby "Welcome" gift basket

I always keep a good selection of baby bathing products to hand as on occasion I am asked to make up nappy cakes.
In this basket there are 10 x newborn Pampers dispos. nappies; Johnson's Baby Shampoo/talc/soap/baby bath/oil and moisturising lotion; Winnie the Pooh feeding bottle; Winnie the Pooh groom set; 1 x burp cloth; 1 x popper vest; 1 x muslin square. I also added the 12 x birth announcements I had hand stamped/cut beforehand. Finer details regarding the birth announcements can be found here.

A gift basket similar to this would normally sell for around £28.00 - £30.00 without the birth announcements

Thursday, 25 June 2009

End of term school staff and teacher thank you gifts

Just a small few of 2-step stamping on these thank-you cards:
Those paper bags were recycled from the school staff room ages ago - I had this in mind when I acquired them lol!! Hand stamped with SU! stamps:

I bought a few little storage boxes from Hobbycrafts, a few thimbles, needles, fancy dressmaking pins, sewing machine bobbins etc and filled the storage boxes as emergency sewing kits. Using my sewing machine, I wound white, black and navy blue thread on individual bobbins rather than cards. Yeah I know, you can indeed buy tiny sewing kits for around £2.00 odds but the threads are never up to much and neither is the packaging! I think in total the sewing kit I made up cost between £6 and £8 as the items are more substantial than what you would normally purchase as 1-off kit!

I apologise for the 'puckering' of the coated paper on this clipboard - 1st coat dried brilliantly! however, the 2nd coat didn't and I proceeded to a 3rd and gave up once it had dried, still 'puckered'. The little flowers were rub-ons. In fact the patterned papers/cardstock where what I have left from my days of being "Top Line Creations" scrapbooking consultant.
I also altered a bingo clipboard in similar colours [for same teacher] and added a few notepads too. PPs and c/s again from my TLC days.
All wrapped up in cello and gift bow:
I had bought those little dainty metal plant pots from Ikea some time ago with the view to doing this - just filling up with a few choccies and wrapped in cello and bow:
A close of my small hand-made bow ribbon:
All wrapped and presented in the stamped paper bags:

Aural Sculpture

Susheila - the designer and art specialist:

The primary school my youngest 2 children attend has a unit built into the new school build to accommodate exceptional needs children from P1 through to P7. The courtyard is a fabulous colourful place to be for the kids from all stages of the school including exceptional needs kiddies. A project to design and build an aural sculpture took place where children from the mainstream school and also the exceptional needs kids worked together to design and make this sculpture what it is. I was very fortunate to have been invited as a parent helper to assist with the project - I was even offered to carve [a totally new experience for me!] a little bit of the wood supports too which was fun.
The unveiling of the aural sculpture took place on 15th June and songs were sung and sign languaged by the kids and adults who attended. The aural sculpture is not just something to look at, it is also a musical instrument with various parts of the sculpture making a different sound. It is full of textures and patterns - very pretty and colourful - I especially love the different textures and patterns on the wooden stands!

Dad's 60th Birthday

A few weeks ago, we attended my dad's get-together to celebrate his 60th birthday. The kids thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with their grandparents again and a nice time was had by all.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I've passed!!

Things have been a bit hectic of late! Plus I have been recovering lots of photos and documents from a supposed 'top of the range' external hard drive costing a few bob or 2! Got them all back thank heavens!
Anyway, I digress! I should have been updating my driving lesson events but not really had time to of late. I have been getting on really well with them - thank goodness I have been taking 2 hourly lessons as I probably won't have come this far had I stuck to the 1 hr lessons! Around 2
½ weeks ago, my instructor, Donna had suggested to apply for my theory test. I managed to get an appointment for today via the internet - I wasn't impressed at all with the telephone service as it was continuously engaged!! For those of you learning the theory driving test is £31.00 and the the actual 40 min practical test is almost £65.00!! That isn't including any lessons you had just prior to the actual test.
I had a few months back, bought the DSA Official Theory Test CD Rom - very much worth the money! It holds the full Highway code, revision sections for any area of the highway code you know you need more studying on and of course the multiple choice tests. You have to bear in mind when using that CD rom at home - the test 'window' displayed will actually be of a reduced size on your screen compared to the actual test [which shows a full screen]. Revising by using the CD rom is very similar to the actual test centre set-up. The hairiest part of the test is the hazard perception - which shows simulated road scenes and you have to 'click' the sooner you see a hazard or hazard seen to develop further. The time is crucial at time of clicking - the earlier you see a hazard and click, the higher you score. That is very nerve-wracking indeed and most definitely not like how you would be actually driving [although it is supposed to be].
After all that I passed - YAY!!