Thursday, 25 June 2009

Aural Sculpture

Susheila - the designer and art specialist:

The primary school my youngest 2 children attend has a unit built into the new school build to accommodate exceptional needs children from P1 through to P7. The courtyard is a fabulous colourful place to be for the kids from all stages of the school including exceptional needs kiddies. A project to design and build an aural sculpture took place where children from the mainstream school and also the exceptional needs kids worked together to design and make this sculpture what it is. I was very fortunate to have been invited as a parent helper to assist with the project - I was even offered to carve [a totally new experience for me!] a little bit of the wood supports too which was fun.
The unveiling of the aural sculpture took place on 15th June and songs were sung and sign languaged by the kids and adults who attended. The aural sculpture is not just something to look at, it is also a musical instrument with various parts of the sculpture making a different sound. It is full of textures and patterns - very pretty and colourful - I especially love the different textures and patterns on the wooden stands!

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