Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I've passed!!

Things have been a bit hectic of late! Plus I have been recovering lots of photos and documents from a supposed 'top of the range' external hard drive costing a few bob or 2! Got them all back thank heavens!
Anyway, I digress! I should have been updating my driving lesson events but not really had time to of late. I have been getting on really well with them - thank goodness I have been taking 2 hourly lessons as I probably won't have come this far had I stuck to the 1 hr lessons! Around 2
½ weeks ago, my instructor, Donna had suggested to apply for my theory test. I managed to get an appointment for today via the internet - I wasn't impressed at all with the telephone service as it was continuously engaged!! For those of you learning the theory driving test is £31.00 and the the actual 40 min practical test is almost £65.00!! That isn't including any lessons you had just prior to the actual test.
I had a few months back, bought the DSA Official Theory Test CD Rom - very much worth the money! It holds the full Highway code, revision sections for any area of the highway code you know you need more studying on and of course the multiple choice tests. You have to bear in mind when using that CD rom at home - the test 'window' displayed will actually be of a reduced size on your screen compared to the actual test [which shows a full screen]. Revising by using the CD rom is very similar to the actual test centre set-up. The hairiest part of the test is the hazard perception - which shows simulated road scenes and you have to 'click' the sooner you see a hazard or hazard seen to develop further. The time is crucial at time of clicking - the earlier you see a hazard and click, the higher you score. That is very nerve-wracking indeed and most definitely not like how you would be actually driving [although it is supposed to be].
After all that I passed - YAY!!


Denise said...

Congrats on passing theory test, just new you would pass it no probs well done.Denise x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Congratulations Hels. Well done you! I bet there has been lots of celebrating in your household! Fabby news. Hope you are well. Lainy xxx

Alison said...

Congrats on passing your theory test, (sorry this is a few days late). Get in as much practice as you can before you sit your road test, longer lessons are a big help. Good Luck!