Friday, 26 June 2009

Newborn Baby "Welcome" gift basket

I always keep a good selection of baby bathing products to hand as on occasion I am asked to make up nappy cakes.
In this basket there are 10 x newborn Pampers dispos. nappies; Johnson's Baby Shampoo/talc/soap/baby bath/oil and moisturising lotion; Winnie the Pooh feeding bottle; Winnie the Pooh groom set; 1 x burp cloth; 1 x popper vest; 1 x muslin square. I also added the 12 x birth announcements I had hand stamped/cut beforehand. Finer details regarding the birth announcements can be found here.

A gift basket similar to this would normally sell for around £28.00 - £30.00 without the birth announcements

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