Friday, 3 July 2009

Driving Lesson Up-date

Well not written much about my driving lessons of late only due to having a *pants* time whilst taking them LOL!! Last week's lesson was not all that great but it was an improvement compared to the lesson prior to that - which was WORSE! Everything that I could do wrong went wrong for the whole 2 hours! I didn't seem to recover from it somehow - the mere mention of the 'T' word and Helen falls apart! Anyways - Donna said last week it could be due to the fact that I am so near to my goal that the thought of the actual practical test is scaring me out of my wits psychologically! On last week's lesson, it took me 9 attempts at reversing round a corner I had previously mastered with no problems! Donna suggested the best way to go would be to book the actual test and then get on with the practising. So, last Friday, I booked and paid for my practical driving test - I'll not tell you when it's booked for so as not to jinx myself ;o) All I can say, I felt nervous today just before getting the car as I have done on the last 2 lessons, but today went fabulously!! I managed my turn in the road [it wasn't a wide road as to what I am used to carrying out this maneouvre]; reverse round the corner maneouvre; parallel parking behing a stationery car; left and right reverse parking in a bay! All without any verbal prompt or correction from Donna! I was well chuffed with myself. I've got another lesson on Monday afternoon as Donna is off on holiday next Friday for 2 weeks then so am I on her return. It'll mean 3+ weeks before I get another lesson.
It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder today - what a huge relief!


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Helen - I have loved reading the last few entries on your blog - your baby baskets are adorable but I'm a chocolate girl and my eye was taken by the decorated pots of sweeties with the gorgeous paper bow - lucky teachers - keep going with the driving, it's nothing but practise, you can do it - nothing beats the wonderful sense of independence and freedom that the ability to drive gives you - Bridgette