Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Holidaying in Aviemore - Friday

Tigress with cubs in background:

Ali looking particularly scared:
How beautiful?!:

Majestic deer out in the rainfall:

An arctic fox - tiny and fluffy!:

Wild boar:
Friday we went to the Highland Wildlife Park where we saw the new tiger cubs which were very cute but mum’s paws were huge!! Lots of other animals on site too. We were kinda gutted we missed the beaver as it had just gone into its hideout and never appeared again. The owls were magnificent. The arctic foxes look tiny and fluffy!! We went to the platform to see the wolves but didn’t see them. It wasn’t until we went round the main resort in the car when we saw them running about their enclosure just as we were about to exit the course! Again we finished off the day by having our dinner at the resort restaurant again. Bang goes weight watchers!


sarah said...

What a brilliant blog of your holiday in Aviemore...just goes to show how much there is to do here.

Dyas said...

These photos are very beautiful!

Mar G said...

Great pics Hels...Pity you didn't see the beavers! :-/