Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Holidaying in Aviemore - Tuesday

Views from the viewing platform outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant
A view of Loch Garten:

View further along to the right of above image:

Tuesday we took a trip to the Cairngorm Mountain. There are walkways up to the shop/Ptarmigan Restaurant but we took the funicular train to and from the mountain. The Ptarmigan Restaurant is the highest restaurant in the UK! Spectacular views from the viewing platform to be had. Some visitors were definitely dressed for summer in their fleece jersey, shorts, bare legs and crocs including their kiddies who complained they were too cold! The kids and I got our souvenirs of squished 1 penny coins turned into Cairngorm Mountain Train tokens. Ali complained she was kinda bored so with the promise of going for a hot chocolate she brightened up a bit ;o). We all stopped for a hot chocolate complete with marsh mallows and cream and some chips! [yeah really weight watching there eh?]. By the time we got the funicular train back down to base and got to the car, it was pouring with rain – we had just got to the car in time before the rain got heavier. A web link to the Cairngorm Mountain website here.

The kids posing before we get back on the funicular train:

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