Friday, 10 July 2009

Drving Lesson update from Monday

Donna my Instructor, hadn't said that I would be sitting a mock test on Monday [thank heavens she didn't tell me the on the Friday before!]. Anyways, she got me driving about before the motions of a 'mock driving test'. Anyways, it seems I had 1 serious fault [I knew when I did it as nerves got the better of me!]. We had been going up a hilly kind of road, rather than drop down just 1 gear from 4th to 3rd, I went down to 2nd. She had given me about 9 minor faults in addition but said she was being pernickity and that perhaps an Examiner wouldn't be quite so nippy. Compared to my last 'mock driving test', there was a definite improvement. Anyways the outcome was, that if I drove to that standard on the day of my test - I should pass no problem.

Donna is off on holiday today so no lesson [hence my taking one on Monday] for 1-2 weeks and it just so happens that I am away the 2nd week she is gone. That leaves me a couple of weeks until my test - but plenty of time for practising! Donna and I joked that since I hadn't really forgotten how to drive in the 15 yrs since the last time I sat a test, a couple of weeks without a lesson won't be disastrous!

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