Friday, 10 July 2009

Movies and Orange

My contract with T-mobile finished abruptly up last Friday. I had been considering for some time to go with another provider as we had been with T-mobile for years even when they had a different name originally! I wasn't using my package which allowed me 12 hours talktime at evenings and weekends and 50 text message allowance. This had been my package for a few years and not used to its full capacity [we struggled to get a signal in some areas even home!]. Eventually it got to the point that I was using more than my 50 texts allowance and my home telephone had the package of free evening and weekend calls hence why I didn't use my mobile too often.
It was a toss up between O2 for the texts and free calls to other O2 numbers. BUT it was "Orange" who had the cinching deal! Orange Wednesday - the 2 for 1 cinema tickets is definitely something to consider in the school hols for kids!.
I took the kids to see 3D "Coraline" when it first came out in the pictures - little did I know that you pay a premium for 3D movies and it was after 5 pm which is 'peak' time therefore costing more - that visit cost £22.00 for 1 adult and 2 kids!
I registered my "241" for cinema tickets and took the kids as part of "Orange Wednesday" to see the new 3D "Ice Age 3" movie for the afternoon. Definitely worth going to see - there were a lot of funny bits and I certainly chuckled and the kids enjoyed it! That outing cost only £13.00 plus pennies!

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