Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Holidaying in Aviemore - Thursday

In Carrbridge itself:

On Thursday we set off for the “Landmark” forest adventure park in Carrbridge just along the road from our lodge. Every time we’ve passed the park, the car park has been full to brimming and we hadn’t realised there was an over-flow car park to the rear of the premises. It was no different today as the adventure park was heaving with people again! We went on the tree-top trail, climbed the platform to see above the treetops and across a huge distance of land and forestry – amazing! There were plenty of activities for adults and children. Water slides, climbing. There are 2 large ‘arena’ type platforms complete with chutes to slide down. There are 2 suspension/tension climbing lines – 1 for a minimum height suitable for kiddies and the other suitable for the adults. People who took part in that were harnessed up and secured to a wire rope above them. Ali was desperate to go on the water slides so she went on with her dad and eventually with me – I can honestly say I am not all that keen on them - I screamed coming down the slide and then couldn’t stop laughing at the bottom of the slide which meant I couldn’t get out of the dinghy!
2 of 3 water slides:
[you can just about see Stewart and Ali between the slide and the dinghy ramp]

The viewing platform high up above the trees:

Big Stewart on the suspension/tension climber:

Yay - wee Stewart on same activity as his dad:

Ali coming down the tame slide in the 'playpark' area:

We entered “Micro World” which was okay but may have been far better had the magnifying glasses and some of the exhibits/microscope ‘slides’ were in top condition – most were all scratched and difficult to see and some of the equipment either wasn’t working or secure as it should have been. The ‘slides’ for the microscopes should have been secure and still be able to be turned to see under magnification.

We finished off the day by having dinner at the restaurant at the resort which was delicious. The kids eventually managed to get access to the tennis court as every time they wanted to use it, it was already occupied. The entertainment was from a chap who was apparently a “runner up” in “Stars in their Eyes” from tv. He was okay, not as good as the previous evening’s entertainment. I personally felt he was trying to sound all American with his singing.


Mar G said...

Aw wow 'Landmark' looks amazing & those water slides look terrifying...I would've screamed too!
Looks like you all had a great time there :-)

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