Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Holidaying in Aviemore - Monday

How a traditional croft may look on outside:
How the inside of a croft may look:
In the tailor's workshop:

A tailor's dummy complete with garment on entering Tailor's shop:

How the post office may have looked in early 1930s:

Monday we paid a visit to the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore which was very interesting. It is about 1 mile long. One end of the museum there were buildings and equipment originating from circa 1930s including a train station, old school, tailors, joiners etc. At the other end of the museum were thatched crofts/buildings which showed us how people used to live and how they also kept their livestock there too. These were quite dark and reeked of smoke as the staff had set up peat fires to authenticate the ambience. Highland Folk Museum link here.

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