Friday, 22 May 2009

Yay! I've to book my Theory Test!

Had a reasonably good driving lesson today thankfully! Donna got me doing a fair bit of driving; bay parking; reverse round the corner and a turn in the road. She also did a 'mock' test with me which I found a bit worrying but it was good to go through the 'motions' so to speak. A few wee minor errors and 1 major which wasn't too bad according to Donna. At the end of the lesson she said I was to book my theory test for which there is a 3 week waiting list. Once I have passed my theory test, I can then put in for my practical! I now have the problem of finding where I last put my provisional licence

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Mar G said...

Woohoo...Go Hels! ;-)
You've made excellent progress with your driving lessons...Well Done You x
Got my parcel this afternoon - Thank you SO much I really appreciate you being SO kind. Used one of my new SU stamps on my first ever challenge card! x
Chat soon - Mar