Friday, 22 May 2009

Some card making efforts!

I did a clear out of a cupboard in the girls' bedroom. Over the years I have collected a fair amount of materials/media for some of my hobbies. Cross-stitching used to be one of them! I don't seem to have the same concentration levels these days nor the time! So I've overhauled my collection of cross-stitching magazines and scrapbook/card making magazines and offloaded them to Freecycle. Got lots of takers for the Scrapbooking mags/books so I mix and bundled them up with a little complimentary pack of my handcrafted mini gift tags as shown below. Sadly the cross-stitching mags have not drawn ANY interest whatsoever. I may have to drop some of those off in the waiting room at work and disperse the others elsewhere LOL!!

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