Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Driving Lesson - update

Sorry folks for being a naughty blogger of late - I just haven't had much time recently!!
I've had 2 x 2hr driving lessons since my last driving lesson update. I am thoroughly enjoying them! the 2nd last lesson wasn't any different to the one prior to that hence my not really updating on that lesson. Friday's lesson was good. I've been practising the reversing round the corner manoeuvre! I was chuffed to bits with doing that and didn't make a 'hash' of it. Donna [instructor] thought that accomplishing that manoeuvre might help me with my parallel parking. Only real error I made that day was turning into the slip road in 4th gear! LOL!!! Heck I'll not be doing that one again. The weather was really *pants* - 3 seasons in 1 day. One minute it was drizzling, next chucking it down with rain and other times glorious sunshine!! Was good experience though driving and breaking in time due to the weather and road conditions. Donna took me to a narrow street in Musselburgh to do my 'turn in the road' manoeuvre. Again, did that with no probs :o)
Donna had asked how I have been getting on with the highway code and hazard perception. I replied that I had been swatting up using the new fandangled CD rom version and wasn't sure I'd covered hazard perception. It turns out I have unknowingly been revising that but it's known as 'Hazard Awareness'. The CD rom has mock tests which you can save your progress on. Any area you think you need to revise more on is apparent as time goes on with use of the CD rom. ON the actual theory test, peeps need to score 43 out of 50 in under 1 hr to pass! It is interesting as regularly I was scoring 47/48 points only to go back into doing the mock test and scoring 41/43 - you can see where you are going wrong. Any self doubt or query you have you can press 'flag' button so you can see what the anwer/definition is at the end of the revision.
Donna is positive that she'll get me practising a wee bit more and involve some hazard perception to see if I understand the dangers etc. I've pointed out that I want more sessions practising the parallel parking and bay parking. She muttered something about putting in for the theory and perhaps she'll get me to do a mock test! :o)
I think Stewart's secretly 'kacking' himself as to what he will do regards me having access to a car if and when I pass my test!! I really cannot see him allowing me to drive our recently purchased Mondeo somehow LOL!!! Still, I don't want to be one of those peeps who pass their test then don't drive for ages following their test pass. I'd probs become disheartened that I can't use my new found skills!
STEWART - start getting that car ready!!!

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