Tuesday, 12 May 2009

School Sports Day

The 3-legged race - it was a hoot watching the kids try this - no-one seemed to know how to do it so there were a few 'almost' casualty moments!

The throwing item at a target:

The 'angel' race:

The 'sack' race was a hoot too!

Look at the 'chariots of fire' concentrated look!

Yes I know, it's a wee bit early to be holding a school sports day is it not? Usually our school sports day is held in June but its had to be brought forward due to the demolition of the old school building and the fact that the remaining earth is to be turned over and grass seed to be planted. This is schuled to happen some time in June when we would normally have sports day etc. hence the reason to bring forward sports day in May.

Well, in the past, sports day held in June has never been a warm afair - usually I have to say to the kids to keep on their jerseys whilst doing sports because all you can see are kiddies in shorts and tee shirts chittering away in the cold!!

Our sports day last week wasn't any better! It was blowing a gale, pretty overcast with the threat of rainfall. To make matters worse, the demolition was still going on throughout sports day. Not a good combination of stoor, debris blowing in the wind across the school field where sports was taking place. I am sure they partially demolished or hit the toilet area as the pong was intense! poo-eeee!!
Unfortunately during the holiday weekend, wee Stewart complained of having a sore throat again - an iminent rash appeared - again!! A wee trip to the doc's who diagnosed tonsilitis [4th bout in around 8 weeks] PLUS Scarlet Fever!!! Signed off school for the week [luckily it was only for the remaining 3 days] and a prescription of a 10-day course anti-biotics. You can guess he was gutted he couldn't go to school - NOT!! hee hee. So due to him being off school last week, he obviously couldn't attend his final school sports day!

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