Sunday, 12 October 2008

Halloween's coming!

Heh heh heh - would you believe Halloween's gonna be here soon? Maybe because that's my birthday I get all excited about Halloween! [yeah, sad I know!]

Well, I came across these SU stamps on that auction site again only cos we can't get them over here even in the new catalogue - honestly I've really browsed! They arrived yesterday [Saturday] but of course I had to go to work as per every weekend and had to wait until I finished my shift, got the kids off to bed and I watched a little telly. It must've been around 11 pm before I started tinkering about again LOL!


Mar G said...

Oh cool ;) Will you give them out to the guisers? x
I really want a round scallop punch soon!

Dawn said...

I have that set also, disappointed they were not in the UK catalogue, love Halloween.
I have emailed the UK HQ about it.