Saturday, 1 March 2008

Nappy or Diaper Cake

Yay - I remembered to photograph my 2nd nappy (diaper) cake commission! The last time I made one which was a gift, I forgot to take a photograph of it for my portfolio. It was 2 tiers tall with various bits and pieces - not quite as elaborate as this commission. My chum was well happy with it and we both agreed that it's gonna be a shame for the item to be unwrapped and spoiled so to speak! Here's hoping the mum-to-be enjoys it!
It's hard to believe there are a few items discreetly hidden inside the cake. You can see right away that there are: soothers; Winnie the Pooh hairbrush and comb set; W the P Bottle as the 'topper'; little baby socks rolled up on the base of the cake; bibs - there are actually 6 in total!; at the back there is a baby ramer sponge. Hidden away inside are: Johnson's baby talc; Johnson's baby shampoo, Johnson's baby nappy cream; Johnson's baby bath; 4 x baby food pots and finally anti-bac hand gel.


Amanda said...

Thats amazing hope mine turns out just as well thanks for your help

Tullavilla said...

This is fab. Well done! Looks fantastic.