Tuesday, 29 April 2008

[Blender] Banana Loaf

After promising Alwynne for the last few weeks of making banana loaf, I eventually got round to making some of it this morning before school! I made a point in getting up a wee bit earlier than usual so as to pre-heat the oven, get the ingredients ready to prepare. What could go wrong went wrong! I think the oven 'switched' itself off about 3 times! I'd obviously not held on the to the button to allow gas through after lighting it as I shoul've gave it a longer delay - shucks! The 1st batch were the mini banana loaves as they only take about 20 mins to cook and 30 mins to cool down - easy enough to put in Alwynne's and Stewart's packed lunch boxes as requested! The other 2 loaves were 2lb loaves and take around an hour to cook. Yummy alternative to breakfast - 1 slice [with or without spread/jam] and a cup of tea!
It's a really easy recipe - just a case of throwing all ingredients together in a mixing bowl/food processor and blend them all together and just pour into loaf tins.

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