Thursday, 8 May 2008

Photography course - Yay I reached the top 10 favourites!

For the 2nd week running I discover that 2 of my images have each been chosen as one the top 10 favourites! :o) I cant tell you how much that made my day! The 1st image of mine, I didn't think was too startling or even that good to be honest but it just goes to show, images whether photographic or artistic, can be appreciated with a different interpretation by the person viewing the image.

The module this image was submitted for was for 'framing'. You had to look around you and and open your eyes to what could naturally 'frame' the image within your frame. This is one of the images that I came up with which is one of the many lanes in and around Tranent:

This is another image I submitted but didn't reach the top 10 but I was happy with it as it was my son at the park!

This was the 2nd image of my brother-in-law's car [previously shown on my blog] which reached top 10 and top 5 of the favourites for the module for 'tilt and turn' your camera to give more interest to your shots. Usually my shots consist of portrait and landscape images so this module was good practice for me!

My other 2 submissions for the 'tilt and turn' module were these 2 images - one of which I have already published on this blog and the other - 3 generations - I am very proud of the finished items!

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