Thursday, 8 May 2008

Spider web dew

Yesterday [Wednesday] we awoke to a misty morning. Nothing unusual in that for some peeps! I go about my usual tasks of quickly tidying up and vacuuming the living areas etc, wake the kids up for school, go for my shower etc. I eventually get round to hanging up the laundry on the washing lines when I realise I disturbed a spider web! Again, nothing unusual about that! I was amazed to see not 1 but 2 webs coated with early morning dew and what an awesome site that was. Oh the simplicities eh? LOL At this point I realise I have disturbed 1 of the webs but at the same point relieved to see the other web had survived. I rush back in the house to get the camera only to realise that no matter where I aimed the camera to capture that image, the backgrounds would just be too busy and clearly show up on the photo. So not like me, I have a 'light bulb moment' to go and find a piece of card stock for my background to take the shot and this was the end result:

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