Sunday, 24 February 2008

Out and about

I've been fairly busy this week doing a lot but not being able to remember what LOL! Thursdays are a particularly busy day - me helping out at school in the morning then once I got home I had to prepare for a meeting scheduled that evening. Then it was a rush once I picked the kids up from school as homework and dinner has to be completed before wee Stewart goes to basketball for 5 'til 6 pm then football training for 6 'til 7.30 pm which overlapped my time for the meeting at 7 pm. Early Friday morning was spent completing a couple of tasks following from the meeting the previous night and then off to meet a friend for coffee before my volunteer session at school. Normally on a Friday, the kids and I go swimming after lunch as it is half day at school on Fridays where we are. However, the weather was unpredictable as it was very blustery what with the rain and wind combined so we had a lovely afternoon at home in the warmth. Saturday morning was a little better even though it was very windy to the point our breaths were taken away on our walk up to the swimming pool but at least it wasn't raining. That took us into the afternoon as I treat the kids to their lunch at the sports centre and then I was off up to Edinburgh on an errand with Marianne! Time just whittled away but we managed to make time and stop to visit a relative who had been poorly - it's always a joy to visit this particular relative as we always manage to have a good 'crack and a laugh'.

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